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Executive Coaching

Expect more from leaders, managers, professionals, and yourself...

Our one-to-one and group coaching solutions provide personalized options that help managers and leaders become more confident, capable, and successful to lead their teams and organizations to achieve results. 

Business Video Call

Every manager gets a tailored approach and unique coaching experience leading to lasting results...

Our process begins with an ASSESSMENT that helped to understand each employee and their unique situation. We consider strengths, opportunities for progress, blindspots, relationships, leadership effectiveness, goal attainment, personal development, team management, time management, and more. Understanding one's goals compared to outcomes is the starting point to building a system that shifts mindsets, behaviors, and results. 

The coach works with you to design your custom coaching plan... 

Each situation is unique. Every challenge is different with unique needs for alignment, goal setting, instruction, coaching, and accountability. From intensive multi-session sessions, self-instruction guides, mastermind and group conversations, to coordinated accountability check-ins, the coach coordinates with each person's needs, timeframe, and goals to ensure that the outcomes match. 

How does it work?

Many managers, leaders, professionals, and individuals have found success with the help of professional coaching. As a certified coach, Dr. Wade has worked with many managers to overcome challenges, shift their mindsets and behaviors, and achieve their goals. The additional focus on identifying challenges, setting specific objectives, and aligning strategies, priorities, and actions make all the difference.

Over the course of the coaching period, the coach and individual work together to identify goals, build systems, create structures, and move forward. The coach does not do the work. Instead, the coach works with the individual to build the systems, accountabilities, and processes that can help achieve lasting change and results. 

A typical Executive Coaching program consists of the following:

Working Sessions

Dr. Wade works with the individual via Zoom or telephone. Depending on the desired outcomes, these may be held weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed according to the coaching plan. 

Clifton 34 Assessment

We begin with a self-assessment. Dr. Wade uses the Gallup Clifton 34 assessment to understand strengths and opportunities for growth. 

Manager Assessment

For those in leadership and management positions, we also use the Gallup Manager Assessment to begin the conversation about effectiveness in working with teams and others in their capacity as a leader. 


Each individual receives accompanying workbooks, materials, and study guides as a part fo the coaching program. These include all handouts used during the sessions. 

Progress Reports

If used in coordination with other programs, a regular progress report can be provided to management about the progress made within the coaching program. 


Participants have access to all outside content, sessions, and webinars provided by Optimal Talent Dynamics during the course of the Coaching. Clients also receive special pricing on workshops and seminars should they want to attend during the coaching experience. 

Group Coaching

If more than one person from a team, group, or company is working through coaching, it is often beneficial to have an occasional group coaching session as a part of the program. This allows an open conversation on a given topic and discussion on how to apply specific principles or overcome common challenges in the workplace. These may occur monthly during the span of the program or as frequently or infrequently as desired. 

Some programs enroll the entire team in group coaching as a whole where the entire program is team-based. Individual coaching is limited to monthly accountability meetings as individuals align personal goals around team goals, and team coaching focuses on team alignment and application to organizational mission, vision, and goals. 

Both individual and group coaching programs are beneficial. Both vary in purpose yet maintain a common focus on greater effectiveness and better results. 

Voice or Video Calls

Computer desktop

You meet virtually with your personal coach to structure and guide your program.  The program is set around your goals...what you want and need. 

On-Demand Messages


We provide ongoing support and accountability through coaching messages, follow-up, and strategies to ensure you stay on your game. 

Custom Coaching Plans


Coaches work with you to build plans and implement tools that focus on achieving your goals and desired outcomes. 

The Best 


Golden Key

We leverage the best materials to help you achieve your best and support your goals. 

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