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June 29, 2022


June 29, 2022

Centerplace Meeting Center

Spokane Valley, WA

June 30, 2022

Leadership Mastermind Group Session

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Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce 



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Thursday, June 30
Leadership Mastermind Course

  • Current, New & Emerging Leaders

  • Build Leadership Competencies

  • Strategy, Alignment, Leadership Challenge

Limited spaces offered for the 2nd day leadership course.

You'll spend the day with Dr. Wade Larson and other strategy experts as you learn to align resources, build systems, apply processes, and optimize solutions that upskill leaders, managers, and employees to accelerate business performance and employee success.  



Initial Assessment

Before we can improve our leadership, we must first understand what it is and who we are as leaders. The first part of this Masterclass includes a comprehensive assessment of your leadership style, format, and purpose. 


What is a Leader? Key Attributes for Success

There are many opinions about what a leader is. 

We also have opinions about what a leader is not

The first session focuses on defining leadership...what makes a leader most successful to achieve personal success and help others (and their organization) optimize performance and outcomes. 


What a Leader Does

Just as opinions differ on what a leader is, we also differ on what a leader does.  That tension between "management vs. leadership" is great for discussion...but how do they differ? How are they similar? And in the end...what REALLY needs to get done to align people, practices, and resources to achieve success? We cover that here. 


The Leadership Challenge: Strategy

Most leaders struggle to achieve results because of one thing: They lack clarity. They do not know what they want. They start with the wrong question..."How do we do it?" Instead, they must begin with the right questions to get the best outcomes. This is how strategies are made to achieve the best results. You'll learn how. 


Setting and Achieving Goals

With a clear strategy in place, nothing will get done without execution - and that takes the setting, implementing, and achieving goals by every person in the organization. We can rattle off the acronym SMART...but few people actually make it happen. Find out how to set goals that matter, get done, and get results to help you achieve your strategy!


Courageous Conversations

Leaders must be teachers, coaches, counselors, diplomats, cheerleaders, statesmen/women, and more. It's not always easy to say what needs to be said - but that is the role of the leader. It is also the most common way for leaders to fail (usually by NOT saying ANYTHING). We'll cover key communication strategies that get results. 


Leading for Impact

"Nothing is dynamic unless it's specific."

With all this preparation, how do you actually make a difference? How do you make that impact on your organization, people, and results? Leadership only matters if you get people to follow - and strategy only happens if you achieve it! Come learn Dr. Wade's signature methods to "GSD"..."Get Stuff Done" by implementing your effective leadership methods and achieving your best. 


Add On a Second Day!

Leadership Development Mastermind Class

Join us on DAY 2 for a Leadership Development Mastermind Class as we offer a 1-Day Intensive course to help you and your leadership team increase your leadership skills and capabilities. Work with Dr. Wade and others as we help you achieve your best in this hands-on workshop to assess your leadership, help you create a personal leadership strategy, develop your skills in giving feedback, and helping you lead with impact. (Scroll down further for complete information about the day!!)

Limited Space - Add On Day 2 at Check-Out


Thanks to our Sponsors

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Find Solutions to
The Labor Shortage

Join other leaders and professionals as we share solutions to address your immediate and long-term talent needs!!

Current and future labor TRENDS for the short-term & future


WHERE IS THE TALENT? Learn what to expect for your future needs.


NEW RULES to attract talent - Why your methods don't work and what to do. 

CULTURE SHIFT - Change your practices and leadership to make sure people stay. 

Make RETENTION your #1 Strategic Initiative (regardless of industry). 

Make AUTOMATION key to your talent strategy and the future of your company. 

UPSKILL current employees and UPGRADE new hires.

Build STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS to develop the next generation of workers. 

REIMAGINE WORK with creative solutions to meet your needs. 

And much, much more...

The Challenge is Long-Term...You Need A Business Strategy to Compete

The labor shortage didn't happen overnight - it's been building for years. Unfortunately, it's also a challenge that will require a broader solution with a game plan of how to retain current employees, find new employees, and upskill your people to continuously grow your talent. 

Did you know that 4.5 million workers left their jobs in March 2022? (*


Your #1 Business Strategy is Retention!

Then we can work on attracting, recruiting, retaining, and upskilling your best talent to help you achieve your best as a business. 

Your Summit Delivers

  • Leading Expert Presenters 

  • Innovative Solutions 

  • Best Practices Used by the Best

  • Practical Steps You Can Implement Immediately

  • Hands-On Practices to Build Your Own Solutions

  • Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Apply what You Learn

  • Materials to Help You Take Back Your Learning to the Team

  • Access to the Slides and Presentation Materials Available Only to Attendees

  • Networking Opportunities with Other Business Leaders to Share Ideas

  • Mastermind Breakouts to Understand what Takes Place in Other Businesses

  • Engaging Interaction with Other Business Leaders, Owners, & Professionals with Creative Ideas

  • Subscription to Ongoing Support from Optimal Talent Dynamics' Content

  • The Best Content to Help Solve your Business, Staffing, & Talent Problems!

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