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Critical Skills for Today's Manager 

Gain the core management skills you need to succeed!

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In today's competitive landscape, effective management is essential to any organization's success. We understand the skills needed by today's managers to connect people, practices, and outcomes that achieve results. From strategic thinking to effective communication, and interpersonal skills to professional development, managers require an array of knowledge, skills, and talents to help them and their teams become their best. Our program is designed to provide practical tools and techniques to build and enhance management abilities, empowering managers to drive their organization forward with confidence.

Great managers learn to get things done. They cannot do it themselves - they bring together a qualified team to achieve common goals. You can learn the ART of management that will set you apart fast. Our unique approach uses directed discussions, targeted learning, and applied practices to help implement principles immediately. We also incorporate coaching, collaborative learning, and immersive training to improve your skills right away. 

You'll walk away from each session ready to implement what you learn that day. Come prepared to engage, have fun, and begin your journey to success!

Who Should Attend

Ideal attendees are managers with one to three years of experience seeking opportunities to improve. It may also be ideal for new managers ready for training and those preparing for future promotional opportunities.  

In Person


Live Session


How Will You Benefit?

    ● Increase confidence as a new manager as you gain new knowledge and skill
    ● Improve your ability to manage a diverse team with multiple priorities
    ● Learn to manage change and help your team achieve goals
    ● Match your management style to your team's needs
    ● Enhance flexibility and adaptability to drive performance and outcomes for your company
    ● Create a culture and team climate that motivates and builds camaraderie
    ● Clarify the vision and direction to set clear expectations and provide effective feedback
    ● Deliver the resources and support your team needs to become their best
    ● Drive an environment of autonomy, self-sufficiency, and growth
    ● Become the manager that stands out to help your company achieve results

What We Cover

Your Role as Manager

  • Understand the shift to management and the qualities required of today's managers

  • Discover what executives need and expect from managers at all levels

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of managers - the building blocks of success

  • Explore the challenges of today's managers and how to succeed

  • Recognize personal management styles and how they apply to managing teams

The Performance Model

  • Introduction to the Performance Pyramid

  • Understand how and when to set clear expectations

  • Enabling and resourcing employees for optimal success

  • Deliver clear feedback for understanding, improvement, and consistency

  • Create a culture of accountability and improvement 

  • Manage performance with the end in mind

Effective Communications

  • Understand the mechanics of effective communication

  • The manager's role in effective communication

  • Listening to understand

  • Verbal, written, and other communication

  • Avoiding common communication conundrums 

Goal Setting & Expectations

  • Set personal and team goals

  • Align goals with organizational outcomes, culture, and priorities

  • Manage the "Art of Chunking" to succeed 

  • Clarify expectations the SMARTER way

  • Set yourself and your team up for success

Motivation & Rewards

  • Motivational Theories that work: Expectancy theory, WIIFM, and human nature

  • Top motivators that work for individuals

  • Recognizing individual, team, and organizational performance

  • Motivating and rewarding when you have or don't have a budget

  • The art of engagement to motivate and reward

Feedback is a Gift

  • Learn the mechanics of feedback - how to deliver it effectively

  • Create a culture of effective feedback and improvement

  • Teach employees to share feedback 

  • Coach for correction and achievement

  • How to optiize feedback results with desired outcomes and habits 

Developing Your Team

  • Recognize the resources and talent within your team

  • Understand the strengths-based approach to optimizing results

  • Focus on talent in hiring, knowledge, and skills in development to optimize talent

  • Help yourself succeed by helping others 

  • Avoid the limiting effect of "me-ism" and maximize growth potential

Continuous Improvement

  • Use metrics and measures to sustain momentum

  • Create self-monitoring opportunities that allow employees to govern themselves

  • Spend less time "Managing" and more time "Facilitating"

  • Answer the Key 3 Questions

  • Summary: Getting from "Here" to "There" as a manager, team, and company

Additional Take-Aways

    ​All formats (classroom, online (instructor-led or asynchronous), or inhouse) include the following:

    ● Full course materials, including workbooks, worksheets, guides, and solutions to implement learning 
    ● Instructor-led content to introduce new models, strategies, processes, and techniques to improve your approach
    ● On-demand videos with content for each module to review what was discussed in class
    ● Articles and white papers with additional tips, ideas, and best practices to accelerate learning and outcomes
    ● Discounts on future courses and programs

Your Instructor

​Our courses are taught by Dr. Wade Larson whose background blends practical experience with an in-depth understanding of the best practices that work for today's workplace. Here's an overview of his background that helps him to consider your needs, identify opportunities, and help you formulate the best approaches to accelerate success.

  • 30 years experience in human resources, training, and leadership development

  • MBA with a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership

  • 20 years of executive leadership experience

  • 25 years of experience consulting in private, public, & not-for-profit sectors and many industries

  • Experience with 100s of managers at all levels, creating solutions to improve effectiveness

  • Hands-on trainer with a curriculum focused on outcomes and performance improvement

  • 25 years as University business faculty - current faculty for Washington State University

  • Hundreds of past clients, with thousands of managers and employees trained 

  • Published author, national speaker, certified coach, and volunteer leader


Certificate and Credit

  • Attendees receive a signed certificate of completion to display their achievement 

  • This program is approved through SHRM for 12.0 hours of recertification credit

  • Participants are well-prepared to advance to the next leadership development series


Is this training appropriate for new or first-time managers?

This training is a great resource for both first-time managers and seasoned professionals who want to sharpen their skills. This course helps you to build and maintain the solid foundation of skills and behaviors you'll need to be an outstanding manager.

I’ve already been a manager for a few years. Is this course still beneficial?

Absolutely!  First, we can all improve. Second, many of us have been managing, but perhaps we didn't get an opportunity for formal or regular training. And third, anytime you can learn from others, it's a great opportunity. You'll benefit greatly from the content, skills, and outcomes you'll learn and apply immediately. 

​Are there tactics, practices, and tools I can apply or share with my team after the workshop?

Yes, every OTD workshop is hands-on and application-focused. Our goal is to not just teach you about management and leadership. Instead, we want to make you a better manager and leader. This requires a different approach and one that delivers new approaches you can begin to apply the same day you learn them.

What specific knowledge, skills, or competencies will I improve?

That depends...on YOU! Just like anything, there is no "One Right Answer." You bring unique talents with you that define the best approach to apply with your distinct blend of team members. We'll offer a "menu" of tools from which you can choose that works best for your situation to achieve success. 

Do I get credits or other credentials from this course? 

OTD offers continuing education credits in support of SHRM credentials (for more information, go to Attendees can apply for credit with other credentialing agencies on their own. 

​Can this workshop be delivered onsite at my company?

Definitely. In fact, we can tailor our courses to your specific needs and deliver them wherever you need them. 

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