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Your Guide To Implementing Revolutionary Practices In Your Workplace


Stuck in HR 2.0?

We get it. We've been so busy keeping up that we don't have enough time to take a step back and take a look at the big picture. Here's your chance. The world has changed dramatically. We've shifted into an entirely new dimension of employees and global commerce. It's time to transform your practice into managing for HR 3.0. 

Your employees don't receive feedback

You manage lines, not people

You have an unusually high turnover rate

Your employees tend to be poorly trained

Team Pic

Your company is only as good as the people who work for it.

3 Simple Steps to a Total HR Transformation


Read the Book

An investment of a few hours reading will save you countless hours and dollars trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong.


Implement Strategies

All the tools you need to succeed are in the book. If you need personalized consulting, Dr. Wade is available for hire.


Inspire Action

Start seeing the results you want: happier, motivated employees, better work conditions, and much more all with the power of HR Transformation!


Dr. Wade, Author and HR Guru

Meet Dr. Wade. His philosophy is simple: to get better performance, we need to encourage, motivate and drive employees to achieve their very best.  This doesn't happen by itself - it takes courage, tenacity, and grit to win in today's work force.

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