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Come Join Us!

Come join the others who want to get the job they've always wanted and deserve! We'll cover


  • Creating your new mindset to find the right job

  • Recognizing the right job to apply fo

  • Learning where to find the best jobs

  • Finding the "hidden" job market for your field

  • How to create the best career path

  • Developing your knowledge and skills

  • Becoming more promotable, faster

  • Knowing what employers want and are looking for (we'll take the guesswork out of it)

Other major sections of the session will include:

Colleagues Working in Office
Work Meeting

Resumes and Cover Letters

Learn the best design methods to pass the applicant tracking systems, get through the recruiters, pass the gate keepers, and into the hands of the decision makers. Find the right jobs and get interviews!


The Job Hunt

We cover the strategy - how to plan your approach, create a method for your job hunt, identify where to look, and the best approach to find the right jobs. 


Nail the Interview!

Want to rise above the other candidates? Nail that interview! We'll share the secrets of a killer interview, what to wear, how to prepare, and the best approach to take for any interview setting. 


Secrets of Social Media

If you want to win at the job game, you have to win at marketing yourself. Branding yourself works the same as everything else - and that means you must master social media. We'll show you how to master LinkedIn and other tips to look your best. 


After the Interview

As you start your new job, do you want to get promoted fast, gain new titles, and earn more pay? We'll cover the secrets you need to know to get you there. 

Job Interview


This is a tough time for everyone as they attempt to find the right opportunity. Jobs are plentiful, yet people stills struggle to get hired into the RIGHT job for them. 

We want to help. Let's get you into the right job that will work for you.

We've cut our regular price by 80%!

Our typical 2-day intensive coaching program is normally priced at $497 and comes with the following features: 

  • Live instructor-led access for 4-hours of training over 2 days. 

  • Interaction with other colleagues to share ideas and best practices in job-hunting strategies. 

  • Participant workbook filled with strategies, tips, and room to take notes. 

  • Free handouts used by the instructor with more ideas of what to do and how to make the most of your job-hunting strategy. 

  • Copies of the slides from the course for ready reference as you build your personal job-hunting strategy. 

  • Pre-course assessment to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your success in finding your perfect job.

  • Job hunter planner, goal setter, and vision guide to keep you on track toward your goals. 

We're offering it at a discount this month as part of the "Let's get back to work" momentum. 

See the link below for our special price of only $97 for this unique opportunity to get started now. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Confident Businesswoman

Time to make the jump?

If you've been thinking about that next promotion, stepping into that executive resume, or moving into that executive position, it's time to talk. Dr. Wade may have an executive coaching solution for you. 

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