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The slides didn't make it to the Whova App, so you can download the handouts here. The link above will get you the PDF for the speaker notes to fill in. If you want the full slide deck, you can download that too in the link below. 

Want more info about the topic or other topics? Feel free to reach out! 

Thanks for attending! Enjoy your conference. 

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NHRMA 2023

They Can't Fix What They Don't Know

Ever wonder why employees do what they do? or more commonly, why they DON'T do what you want them to?

Solve the mystery and create the solution that can help you and your managers bridge the gap that can retain, motivate, and drive performance for your employees. Click the LINK to download the slides. 

Looking for additional resources on how to use the SBI model for feedback? Here is a video that explains it in better detail: 

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