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Dr. Wade Larson


Dr. Wade is a workforce consultant, author, and speaker with 30 years of experience in HR, benefits consulting, workforce development, and leadership advancement. He helps organizations achieve goals through outcomes, culture, and transformational change.


As an international speaker, author, and professor, Larson helps others achieve their best. He’s helped thousands SHIFT their mindset so they can achieve more and live their best lives. In his work transforming workplace benefits, Larson has created new partnership models between employers, employees, carriers, brokers, and other stakeholders, saving millions for multiple employers. Using innovative solutions to program design, wellness, pharma tourism, and incentives, to name a few, he has built a tested model that works. He shared some of these solutions in his book, “Mindshifts in Healthcare.” He continues to share many of these and continuously evolving strategies today.


You'll appreciate his engaging approach mixed with dry humor and "tell it like it is" storytelling. He aims to help you feel the urgency to make a change, "get SHIFT done," and walk away with a to-do list. Be prepared to ask whether his stories are real…most people do. He’ll back them up.

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Wagstaff is a global leader in aluminum manufacturing, specializing in direct chill casting equipment. For over 75 years, the Wagstaff family has been committed to the well-being of its employees and their families. Healthcare has been at the forefront of its priorities as they have actively sought ways to maintain affordable solutions to manage care and balance costs. 

Over the past 7-years, Wagstaff has actively partnered with employees, brokers, providers, carriers, and others to create a viable solution to help manage healthcare costs. This has resulted in a multi-year trend that has saved millions of dollars and lowered healthcare costs for both employees and the company, all while expanding coverage and services. 

Today, the company offers solutions that provide FREE healthcare to employees, offering free premiums, an option to earn HSA incentives that cover 100% of deductibles, and a near-site clinic that offers FREE services. They even provide free hospital services due to direct contracting provided by a local private facility. 


While the solutions don't happen overnight, they happen. It is possible to create affordable healthcare for employees, but it requires full engagement, partnership, and an understanding of the "game." Those who know how to play the game win...and those who don't have to pay.  

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Dr. Wade's consulting group, Optimal Talent, helps employers achieve their business needs in HR, healthcare, workforce development, leadership, and more. 

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