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Leading High Performance Teams

Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Performance Mastery for Managers & Team Leaders

Give Managers and Leaders the Actionable Tools and Practices to Help Team Members Perform at Their Best and Achieve Success!

Learn proven strategies, principles, and activities to engage every team member and improve their overall performance. 

  • Practical experience to confidently and effectively manage your leadership responsibilities. 

  • Actionable insights into your own talents to optimize your strengths as a manager.

  • Strategies to individualize your management approach to develop your employees' talents and improve productivity.

  • Management tactics to yield higher levels of performance from your employees.

Optimize Performance as You... 

  • Clarify goals and expectations to get everyone on the same pathway.

  • Empower employees with the right tools, resources, and strategies to succeed.

  • Deliver coaching, feedback, and guidance to help employees do their best. 

  • Improve accountability, motivate your team to achieve more, and reward top performers.

  • Increase employee retention while improving your bottom line.

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Early Bird Pricing



  • LUNCH 

  • All materials & handouts

  • Access to slides and other content

  • Network with other professionals

  • Additional tools & resources

  • Examples to help implement

  • Practice new tools to improve

Discounts Available to Members of:

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How Is This Performance Workshop Different?

It's About Value

You get hands-on practical solutions to implement right away. We provide best practices that are time-tested and proven. These are not just great ideas. They work. We also don't just talk about them. We provide you with the concepts and then apply adult learning theory to make sure you get the opportunity to practice what you learn. From there, you are sure to have the tools to not only know what you've learned but to have the ability to implement the new tools when you get back to work the next day. 

Looking for a New Approach?

  • Help your employees achieve more.

  • Set goals that matter and achieve results.

  • Understand the role of strategic plans, operational priorities, and tactical initiatives.

  • Learn to drive year-round performance that motivates and drives engagement.


8:00  Registration Opens

8:30  Start

Early Morning 

  • Elements of effective performance

  • Common barriers: Why employees don't perform

  • Avoiding performance problems that lead to legal issues, turnover, poor performance, and low morale

  • Creating a path to effective personal performance

Late Morning 

  • Creating a culture of performance

  • The Performance Model: Building the foundation

  • Setting effective expectations that drive results

  • Aligning goals & expectations with the company


Served onsite - Comes with your registration!

Early Afternoon

  • They can't fix what they don't know...

  • Using feedback and coaching to improve

  • Using the SBI Model to accelerate performance

  • Implementing accountability and follow-up 

  • Engaging employees in continuous improvemen

Late Afternoon

  • Connecting performance to teams & the company

  • Recognition and rewards that drive results

  • Accountability through corrective action

  • Continuous company improvement using performance management

  • How to optimize appraisals when they are used

Engineers at work

Ideal for...

  • Managers - New or Experienced Looking for New Ideas

  • Refresher for Seasoned Managers to Improve Strategies

  • Business Owners Seeking Ideas to Increase Profits

  • HR Professionals Looking for New Approaches

  • Up and Coming Professionals (Development)

  • Senior Leaders Seeking New Strategies to Align Teams

  • Trainers Looking for a New Process to Reach Goals

  • Anyone Responsible for Performance Appraisals!

"I will send everyone on my team..."

"When I attended the first workshop by Dr. Wade, I wondered how someone could promise so much - especially for the price. I quickly realized that his mastery as a consultant, coach, HR executive, professor, and leadership expert combined to deliver an experience, not just another training event. I left with new abilities, a strategy to implement, and momentum to get it done. I will send everyone on my team to the next event."

-Andrew, VP Operations

Here Are a Few Solutions You'll Walk Away With...

  • Creating Purpose When employees don't understand WHAT you want or WHY you want it, they grow frustrated. However, when they understand that they are contributing to a bigger cause or a greater vision, they are motivated to help achieve those goals. We help you to set and communicate that vision.

  • Planning When you set goals at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, you are better able to align your people, practices, and leadership efforts to execute more efficiently and effectively to achieve your goals. 

  • People Making your people a part of the performance solution generates momentum that drives performance at the organizational level. You can achieve more faster when you get everyone moving together as they can meet their goals while meeting yours. 

  • Performance The principles of performance are basic - and yet usually skipped. We share the fundamental steps to expectations, feedback and accountability that will help solve most of your performance problems and help you achieve peak performance in no time. 

  • Profitability Regardless of your organization type, you need to reach your goals. A business that doesn't make a profit is called a hobby...and performance will get you there. We'll connect the dots and show you how to get there faster. 

  • Progress Magic comes when you can perpetuate your results through continuous process improvement. This comes through ongoing performance efforts that achieve success.   

"I saw results the very next day"

"I decided to set aside my skepticism and implement the game plan I set during Dr. Wade's training session. I applied just one tool we had covered, applied it to one area of my business, and said 'what the heck?' I started with simply clarifying expectations and delivering feedback using the model we practiced. It worked. All I can say is that it worked. Employees responded well, engaged in conversation, and made changes. It changed everything."

-Stacie, Finance Director

Location Information 


CenterPlace Regional Events Center
2426 N Discovery Place
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Check-In: Begins at 8 a.m.


Class begins at 8:30

We'll begin on time. Come early to network with other leaders and colleagues. Enjoy a relaxed environment where you can learn, engage, and apply what is taught. 

Your Facilitator


You'll spend the session with Dr. Wade Larson. With nearly 30 years of leadership, HR, and consulting expertise among 100s of companies, helping 1000s of leaders and employees to transform their careers and optimize performance, he brings both theory and practical experience to help you achieve your best.


His background includes organizations both large and small coming from the private and public sectors, as well as experience serving on non-profit boards. As a college professor over the past 25 years for several universities, including Washington State, Gonzaga, and Whitworth Universities, he has also had the opportunity to engage in research and teaching in leadership, HR, and organizational studies. This mix provides a well-rounded approach to guide participants in setting and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Join Dr. Wade as he helps you gain new insights and skills that will help you guide your team and organization to new levels of performance.

Your Program

Chances are that you've used some kind of performance management or appraisal system. But has it worked? Maybe - maybe not. Regardless, chances are it could have been improved.

This workshop takes your current experience with performance (or no experience) and helps you to understand how to enhance your outcomes immediately using the 6P model. We focus on enhancing the following areas to achieve success:

  • Purpose: When everyone understands and aligns with the reason why you are doing what you do, it's easier to motivate everyone to achieve your goals.

  • Planning: Failing to plan is planning to fail - so we give you the tools to do it right that helps you to expedite your success.

  • People: Getting your people aligned with organizational goals accelerates the achievement of your goals.

  • Performance: Applying principles of effective performance management can help you achieve more in less time - as individuals, teams, and the organization.

  • Profitability (outcomes): No matter your organization type, you need results. We teach you how to get there faster.

  • Progress: Continuous process improvement helps you to progress forward and increase your outcomes year after year.

In the end, you gain new tools, skills, and a game plan that is ready to implement the day after you get back from training. The ROI is pretty fast on the investment of your day.

SHRM Credits Available 6.0 SHRM Recertification Credits Offered for Program Completion

SHRM Cert.png

So...Why the Value Pricing if You Offer So Much?

The first question we get when we roll out a new program is - "How do you offer a program like this at such a low price? It's worth at least 10x that amount!" We know, and we will eventually get there. However, even though we have taught performance for many years, this is the first time we have packaged it this way. 

We are hoping to gain your feedback. exchange for your feedback, we are offering this at an introductory price. By offering this at a price that basically covers our costs, we can gain your insights to help us improve the course for the future.  

As with any course, we know you'll get the value you expect. If not, we'll make it right. However, we are confident you will gain new insights, see immediate results, and get the gains in profits and performance you expect. 

Your Workshop Delivers

  • Leading Expert Presenters 

  • Innovative Solutions 

  • Best Practices Used by the Best

  • Practical Steps to Implement Immediately

  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Apply Learning

  • Materials to Take Back Key Concepts

  • Access to the Slides and Materials 

  • Networking Opportunities with Other Leaders

  • Engaging Interaction with Business Leaders

  • The Best Content to Solve Staffing Problems!

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