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Tuesday, June 13 - W108 (Across the hall from the Expo and SHRM Book Store)

Thanks for attending my workshop on "You STILL Can't Fix What You Don't Know." Far too often we let feedback slide. It's time to reclaim feedback as a superpower among managers, HR leaders, and humans. You may hold that lifesaving, career-altering feedback that someone needs to make a difference in their lives. 

Last year we talked about the ways to deliver feedback. We do a quick recap, but then we talk about why it's not working and what to do to make it work. We focus on the managers, how to empower them to be successful, and get things moving inside your organization.

Please feel free to download the handouts for the session and reach out at any time to carry on the conversation. If you'd like me to join your conversation, please reach out as well. Thanks!


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Please reach out for more information about bringing in Dr. Wade as a speaker, consulting, or other services. 

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