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September 21 - 22, 2022

Centerplace Regional Events Center

Spokane Valley, WA

Best Practices to retain, find, and build your best workforce to address the current labor shortage.

Your business depends on it!



Spokane Valley Chamber 


Day 2 - Thursday, September 22
Leadership Workshop

CenterPlace Meeting Center - 8:30 - 3:15 (end early to attend DisruptHR)

Day 2 is designed to be a full-day intensive workshop to help participants achieve their best as leaders. We'll bring out their best as we work to enhance their leadership abilities in a workshop setting designed to help them learn more about themselves, their teams, and how to improve their performance as leaders. The one-day intensive course is scheduled as follows:


Join us as we help participants become better leader as they:

Understand Leadership Style

As leaders recognize how they lead and the best approach for the situation, they can adapt and respond to different situations appropriately. This helps them work with employees to be their best, achieve goals, and meet deadlines under shifting priorities.  


How, when, where, and to whom we communicate matters. It impacts the outcomes of our decisions, performance, and people. When Leaders communicate better, they achieve common purpose and improve both efficiency and effectiveness. Participants will learn to improve personal communication that will enhance relationships and effectiveness to help lead their teams. 


Teams are essential to the success of any organization. If a leader can align individuals, and then help them to be successful as a team, they multiply their effectiveness. An effective leader knows the tools to form, guide, lead, and manage teams to achieve their best. We'll teach participants how to do it - whether your teams are in person or virtual.  


The leader is responsible for the culture of their employees. While the organization has a culture, there are sub-cultures that exist. Each leader's team, group, or department have their own niche, energy, or mini-culture - and the leader is responsible for it (good or bad). Learn how to create a positive, winning culture that makes people want to stay and do their best. 



An important principle of leadership is alignment...aligning everyone to work toward the same mission. When everyone is on the same page working toward the same goals, success comes faster (for everyone). We'll share the strategies for alignment, how it works, and what it takes to build alignment in your team. 


Building Your Team 

The first job of a leader is to help develop others. Your primary job is to help others achieve success - and that means providing the resources they need to meet their goals. Helping them to develop and become better is key. It also means helping them to identify what it takes to become leaders themselves and finding the next set of leaders for the company. We'll help you learn now to set individual development plans for your employees to help you, your team, and the organization build a foundation of success. 

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We're bringiing in several speakers to share best practices, ideas, and strategies to help you tackle the biggest business challenge of our time. 

This one-day summit will give you ideas to find, hire, onboard, retain, and motivate the best employees when it appears there are no employees. 

Sign up for this summit to find new ideas to solve your hiring problems. 

Business Meeting



Join us on the second day as we offer an intensive course for leadership development. We will help you develop your skills to create the culture and work environment to retain and drive high performance. 

We'll help leaders understand their style and how it can:

  • Improve teamwork

  • Align goals and strategy

  • Create a winning culture

  • Improve communication

  • Achieve high performance 

  • Engage employees

  • Develop career pathways

  • Build future leaders

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