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Hosted by Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI)


Lunch provided by Lockton!

Special thanks to our sponsors at Lockton for providing lunch for the day! 


Spokane Women's Summit

Join us for Spokane's Conference of the Year for Women in Business

June 2, 2022

Thanks to our attendees, speakers, and sponsors for a great event!!


Come together with other women in business as we help you discover your best self! 

We're bringing the best business leaders together to help you recognize opportunities to optimize your potential and achieve success in your career. 

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You don't want to miss this!


Morning Kick-off and Welcome: Be Fearless Flexing Your Power!

Women have a unique power that is often hidden and under-represented. Start the day by learning how to tap into that energy that makes you unique and powerful in your role!

Sinead Voorhees: What is Productivity? The Transformative Power of Real Productivity

Based on the work of Charles Duhigg and his 3 books, Sinead will do her magic and transform attendees as they experience a change in their mindset and beliefs of what is possible. 

Dr. Wade Larson & Danielle Huston: Leaning into Your Super Powers

Dr. Wade and Danielle play off each other to bring a fun combination that explores the "guy's" perspective of how women often hide their superpowers and turn them into their personal kryptonite. They share 5 ways to overcome that tendency so they can take advantage of their superpowers to optimize their careers and achieve their best as individuals and leaders. 

Pat Atwal: The Practice of Accountability - How to Rely Upon Systems to Set Expectations of Accountability

Pat shares how to leverage systems to hold others accountable as she addresses how to set expectations, paving the way for difficult conversations, and establishing boundaries for what you will take on. She then shares how to use SMART goals to help you create the structures you need to achieve your potential.

Heather Stratford: Finding Your Purpose

Heather Stratford, CEO of Drip 7 cybersecurity systems, shares her journey with participants on how to find your purpose and passion, and achieve your goals. Recognizing the special challenges that women face in achieving success, Heather shares her journey as a mother of 5, CEO, and owner of 4 companies. She helps other women recognize that you CAN do it all and maintain balance along the way. 

Brooke Baker Spink: Changing the Thrive and Lead as a Woman

You've lived under the belief of being a "woman in a man's world" long enough. You have special talents and gifts that come because you're a woman - not because you're trying to be "as good as" someone else. Learn how to change the framework and mindset by understanding what makes you the best because of who you are and what you bring. 


Join us immediately afterward for a hosted event at GSI where you can hang out and relax. After a day of networking, learning, and growth, spend some time getting to know your new friends in a less formal atmosphere. Enjoy a beverage of choice, food, and fun! 

Thank You to Our Happy Hour

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Meet The Team for the Day...


Pat Atwal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Consultant, Entrepreneur 

Former COO, Executive


Dr. Wade Larson

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Consultant, CHRO

Professor, Entrepreneur, Coach

danielle Huston_edited.jpg

Danielle Huston

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Senior Vice President,

Lockton Companies

Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Supermom

heather stratford.jpg

Heather Stratford

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CEO, Drip 7


Brooke Baker Spink

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chief Development Officer

Baker Construction

Sinead Voorhees (2)_edited.jpg

Sinead Voorhees

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Assistant Dean

Whitworth University


Lisa Poplawski Lewis

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Vice President, Resource Development

Greater Spokane, Inc.

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Make the Most of Your Leadership Experience with Both Events!


50% OFF

We just arranged with the Journal of Business to offer 50% pricing for Summit attendees for the 2022 Women in Leadership event the day before the Summit! After you register for the Summit, we will send you the Promo Code to register for the 2022 Women in Leadership to save 50% off registration*. 

Both events have a unique focus and purpose. We believe in this case that more is better...and we're here to support your growth. We'll send you the promo code within about 24 hours after registering for the Summit. If you don't receive a note, please contact us

If you have already signed up for the Summit, we'll be sending you a promo code shortly. 

Click here to read more about the 2022 Women in Leadership event.

*Applies to all registrations without heavy discounts...


Don't Miss This Event!

Bring Your Team & Enjoy the Day as a Retreat!

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Gathering the best experts to help solve today's most critical threat to business and individual success...

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